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Welcome to the State of Mind Mail Bag
the Answer Man…
is Harold Baker

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Q:  Sallie Squa’Tengot-it Rapid City, SD asks:
How did Bruce get his nickname “The Brute”?

A: Paul:
Well, what I remember is how tough Bruce always was…I mean if a fight ever broke out I’d want to be standing next to Chapman…and during lunch in the cafeteria, if he walked over to your table most of people would get up and offer him their seat…and kids would always asked if he wanted their sandwich or cookie or lunch money…I always thought that was why everyone was calling him “The Brute.”
the Answer Man:  What a great question Sallie! Several of the guys tried to answer that one for you
A: Howard:
Seriously, the nickname “the Brute” goes all the way back to those days when a lot of guys used to wear a men’s cologne called English Leather. I think they still sell it but most people these days use it for spot remover …but anyway…some other company came out with this new fragrance called Brut…and Chapman got all over it…it seemed like he used to take bathes in the stuff, but it’s smell was so distinctly different from what everyone else was wearing that one day when he walked into the room we all looked at each other like what the hell is that smell and someone  pointed at Chapman and said Brut…and well, it just kind of stunk…I mean stuck.
A:  Jeff: Well, here is what I remember: at first we couldn’t decide between calling him “The   Brute” or “Brucie the Love Sponge”. He would always show up with a different woman hanging off of his arm. What seemed a bit strange to me was that it just didn’t seem like many of the girls he was dating were using their real names. I don’t know…”
A: Bill: Bruce’s nickname? The Brute? I call him Mr. Unbelievable! Look! Here’s what I want to say about Bruce…He’s smarter than I am, he’s in better shape than I am, he’s better looking than I am, and he’s got deeper pockets than I do…He’s Mr. Unbelievable! Crap! Bruce tips the valet what most people spend on an entire dinner…I was with Bruce one time he was staying at the Ritz Carlton…and we pulled up to the lobby and when the staff recognized his car about 5 Valets came running out…I thought we were getting car jacked…he just laughed…He is Mr. Unbelievable….
The Answer Man writes: Goodness, we have another question for Bruce from a lady in Rapid City….my! Rapid City again…

Q:  Joyce Bahrstool   Rapid City, SD asks State of Mind was just the first stop on Bruce’s musical success tour, wasn’t it?
the Answer Man:   That’s correct Joyce! After SoM, and while attending the College of William and Mary, Bruce was the keyboard player for the highly successful Frat Band “Uncle Ben’s Perverted Rice”. The Uncles performed regularly at campus parties and regularly headlined the Annual Colonial Williamsburg Gas-X sponsored Chili Cook Offs, and I believe in his spare time did side work for one of those themed singing telegram company’s.
Q:  Follow up question from Joyce Bahrstool   Rapid City, SD
"Why did the Brute Stop performing with Uncle Ben’s Perverted Rice?"

The Answer Man writes: When I asked Bruce why he had decided to step away from entertainment and performance down at William and Mary he replied; "The fame and money and women got to be too much, so I stopped,"

The Answer Man writes: I’ve posted a few photos of Bruce moonlighting…               

Q:   Anonymous from Orlando, Florida asks, "Are there any interesting facts about Bill that you would like to share?"
The Answer Man writes: Well, not really…
Q:   Are there any interesting facts about Bruce you would like to share?

A:  The Answer Man writes: There are many. Here’s one, did you know that last year Bruce led all NBA guards in the number of ocean kayak races?

the Answer Man writes: 
Regarding SoM participation
in Polar Bear Plunge:

After learning the next day what the event
was really all about, Jeff Fiehler has
withdrawn assurances he had given
during a New Years Eve party last year that State of Mind would participate in the upcoming
Polar Bear Plunge.

“They wanted us to jump into freezing water…in winter!” noted Jeff…”that’s just stupid…”; to which Howard added, “yeah, I hate getting wet even in a warm shower….”