Others, who had the privilege to have taken a step deeper into his life space, realize any notion of a perceived timidity quickly became replaced by a startling respect for his burning passion in the arts, which he energetically practiced. This enthusiasm together with patient understanding, a love of family, community and country coalesced to shape this gifted man and his enduring teaching methods.

And then there were the musicians; from beginner to accomplished who filled classrooms, auditoriums and football halftime shows with song and celebration  who were challenged and inspired to excel , who might recall as part of their musical experience Chuck’s “signature lead in”  that started many a song with his familiar toe tapping, finger popping and repeated side to side “as if in no”  head shake,  that though absent notoriety  may have been every bit  as memorable to the local musicians of the time as Lawrence Welk’s baton or Mitch Miller’s flailing elbows and twin  “ok” sign hand gestures.

In whatever chosen terms we recount the life of Charles Winfield Baker it is with certainty that he be remembered as one who gave so much for so many, and though memories of his legacy begin fading from our consciousness should not be so easily forgotten. Few may fully recognize the extent of his contributions to the town of Aberdeen, the County of Harford, or the State of Maryland… Even fewer would suspect that despite his often quiet demeanor he served with valor and courage as a wartime P51 and F86 fighter pilot. And, as life so inexplicably ensures, no measure will exist as to the degree of influence he had on the quality of our life or of our progeny.  Thank you Charles!

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Charles W. Baker
Highlights of Charles W. Baker's Career Teaching in Aberdeen:

1949-51 taught industrial arts at Aberdeen High School in the old building on
Philadelphia Blvd.
1951-54 called back to active duty in US Air Force during Korean war.  Flew F84s.
1954-1964 taught instrumental music at Aberdeen High School at the Paradise Rd location
1964-67 taught instrumental music at Aberdeen Jr. High School, Paradise Rd.
1967-77 taught instrumental music at all Aberdeen elementary school locations including Oakington, Halls Cross Roads, Roy Williams, and Hillsdale.

In Celebration of the life of
Charles Winfield Baker
February 9th, 1921 - January 10th, 2010

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Many of us remembering Charles Baker as students might recall the figure of a gentle man quietly navigating the halls of Aberdeen High School; an individual who preferred to blend in rather than attract any degree of unwanted attention.