It's not always possible to attend SoM events, so people help in other ways.  Many donate their talent, time and experience pro bono or at well below standard rates.

This page is a Tribute to those who have contributed over the years and SoM would like to again thank and recognize those who have served.

Others who want to help make a difference simply prefer to send a check.

If you are unable to attend this year's Tour but would like to contribute to our current  designated charity,  please  send  you tax deductible check payable to The Aberdeen Room to:

The Aberdeen Room Archives & Museum Inc.
18 North Howard Street
P. O. Box 698
Aberdeen, Maryland 21001
(410) 273-6325

Nathan is a long distance marathon runner from Florida who participates in events throughout the United States & is helping to raise awareness for "State of Mind" Charities.
State of Mind would like to recognize the following individuals for outstanding participation in past charitable events.

          We certainly didn't make a mistake having you on our team. Nope! You have no one to blame but yourselves!

Again Many, Many thanks..