Deciding on a Keyboard Player
“We need a Band, Huh?”

“Yeah, Bill. Money for nothing and Chicks for free”, Bruce echoed.

We sat quietly for a moment. The sun had long since dried out the bikini and Bruce and I had returned our focus to the topic of conversation:  We were going to have a band! 

“Ok! So I didn’t get run out of town with the Ravens, so I’m assuming I’m getting your vote for the vocalist part?”

“You’re in Bill”, Bruce noted matter of factly.

“Great! That takes a load off my mind”. 

I knew the next step was to ask the question that had been lingering in the back of my mind ever since his ‘we need a band’ proclamation. “So…Bruce, if we are having a band, well…how do you see yourself fitting in?”

Bruce paused for a second and looked back in the direction of the dried bikini; perhaps again seeking some additional form of enlightenment. I sensed he was about to “spill his guts” with a secret he had harbored at least for as long as I knew him.

“You see Bill…when I was a kid my Mom made me take piano lessons.”

I considered teasing him but just felt relieved to finally have gotten a glimpse of his aspirations, and then watched as he continued to orchestrate the sharing of his dreams and musical ambitions, which began with elevated forte and transitioned into a more deliberate and muted pianissimo during the section of how he hated lessons and practice.

We both laughed when we realized neither of us could name a kid that didn’t hate lessons.

What sealed the deal for me was his trump card; while he couldn’t sing he could scream; and pretty much “like James Brown”.

Perfect!” I muttered, trying to imagine the endless possibilities this skill set created. 

But, we were confident we could make something positive happen if we set our minds to it, so with little further debate, we penciled him in for keyboards, and enthusiastically continued our discussion, agreeing that while he probably had to “shake off some rust”, from this point on we would use his experience and qualifications as “minimum standards” for future band members.

Wow! We weren’t even sun burned yet and the band had a singer, and a keyboard player who could scream. We looked at each other, smiled and said out loud in unison as if we had been cued, “Money for Nothing and CHICKS FOR FREE!”